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Message from the president

Originally our company started with the production of laminated paper for heavy duty bags and since then we have continued to develop new composite materials made from paper and plastic.

Nowadays, Mikunishiko's business activities are particulary concerned with tackling global environment issues such as global warming caused by carbon dioxide emmisions that have been increasing since the industrial revolution specifically.
We have been trying to promote and develop laminated products made by a combination of paper, which uses materials from forests that supply oxgen to the Earth by photosynthesis, and plastic resins that are plant based or recycled.

Paper: Plantation->Harvest->Sawmill residue (Woodchips)->Pulp->Paper
Bio Plastic: Sugar cane->Residue from sugar cane processing(Bagasse)->Cellulosic resin
Recycled Resin: PET bottle collection->Cleaning/Grinding->Compound recycled resin

I would like to ask for your ongoing support and encouragement for our endeavors in the years to come.

Seijiro Tominaga
Mikunishiko Co., Ltd.

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